The Most Advanced Streetlights

Free versions have same features as vanilla lights, and are available in 30 colors with Matching LOD Lights

Ultimate versions have Wider-Cone angles, 2X Light Spread, Better Volumetric effect, Improved Specular handling, Soft shadows, and is available in 30 colors with Matching LOD Lights

All Popular Clients ready (SP, FiveM, RageMP, AltV)


The Streetlights are available in 30 colors

Includes 7 Shades of White, 3 Shades of Orange, 2 Shades of Gold and more unique colors

Colors have been sampled from different games like RDR 2 and Real-Life lighting

Wider Cone-Angle

Vanilla Streetlights have a Narrow cone-angle
Advanced Streetlights Ultimate have a Wider Cone-Angle simulating Real-Life lights
This results in more area covered by the Streetlights

Matching LOD Lights

Use any Colored Streetlight and your entire map will match to that Vibe
Using LOD Lights boosts Performance (FPS) and makes your game stable

2X Light Spread​

Vanilla Streetlights have a minimal light spread

Light from Advanced Streetlights Ultimate can reach upto 2X more distance, and enhance your experience


FPS Friendly

Free versions has zero fps impact

Ultimate versions have a very minimal impact on FPS

(least impact compared to any other Streetlight mod)

Compatible With All

Advanced Streetlights are compatible with all Popular Graphics Mods

Easy Installation available, and comes in a OpenIV Package (.oiv) file

Get full res/original pics here